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Dali Fazon

The DALI FAZON reaps the full benefits of creative Scandinavian design talent, as well as decades of experience at the cutting edge of technological innovation. Ιτ combines advanced driver and material technologies. 


Home automation system


The next generation in system control

Real-time status of the entire security system.

Sot if a specific alarm of the property is triggered.

The same touchscreen controls security, manage the lighing and other functions. 

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Beosound 1 & Beosound 2

A flexible functionality speakers family.

Beosound 1 Freedom os choice. Place wherever, play whatever. Flexibility and portability. 

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Beosound 2 All you need when and where you need it Powerfull sound on your terms. 

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Kartina TV

The best way to wach TV.

Beosound Shape

Beosound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for design conscious music lovers - delivering immersive sound staging, a customizable design and integrated noise dampers for improved music acoustics.



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BeoVision Eclipse

BeoVision Eclipse takes its name from the spectacular phenomenon of eclipse due to its exceptional picture characteristics: true blackness and vivid colors. It combines the latest technology HDR 4K OLED screen 

BeoPlay A9

A unique music streaming system, beautiful like a piece of furniture, with a power of 480 Watts!

BeoPlay P2

Pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker, call fanctionality, customised tap smart functions, rich Bang & Olufsen sound.

Floor Stand Vogels Next OP

Installing the TV as a truly piece of interion design.

Elegant clean lines and Nordic design.

Establishing wood as a true bridge between nature and technology.


  • ELAN home automation

    Have you ever wondered if it was possible to control the lights, music, security system, even temperature – from across the room? Or how
    about from across the globe?
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  • Solutions for all your needs

    The long time experience and the constant training of our people offer taillored simple in use solutions to your projects and refresh your existing installations with new features.

    Please remember: we can renovate the older Bang & Olufsen sets and equip them with modern functions.

    Describe your question and we;ll come back to you the sooner. 


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