About us

  We created our company in December 1987 with the main focus on technical support of video and audio devices of all manufacturers. We have partnered with large manufacturing companies, wholesalers and technicians, all over Greece.

 An important milestone in our careers in 1994 was the launch of our constructive and uninterrupted partnership with Bang & Olufsen, the company's international benchmark for high quality products. Our practice is in line with B&O standards. We pay great attention to detail, focus on aesthetics and always strive for the best possible result.

 We focus on always being pioneers in our industry. We are constantly enriching the fields of our activities and this gives us the opportunity to meet the demands of modern and future projects.

 Today, we cover the areas of home automation, video signal reception and management, audio overlay, networks, surveillance and site protection, access control, design and consulting and technical support.

 Our suppliers are companies internationally recognized for the high quality standards of the products they produce.

 We provide services to domestic and professional clients. Excellent completion of any project is an extremely important goal for us, regardless of its size and requirements. Continuous support after the completion of each project is particularly important. We are always next to our customers whenever we need them.

 Older products can take care of and incorporate new technologies into their capabilities. Our technicians work out every device in the lab, resolve malfunctions, and deliver it "as new."

 The technological challenges and demands of our time are great, so we are stepping up our efforts to overcome the trivialities and to reach perfection. Our people are constantly trained and enriched so that our studies and facilities meet the requirements of each user, without complexity, to be innovative, flexible and scalable.